When the scenario we have imagined suddenly flips into something entirely unexpected. I guess we’ll just have to hole up in here till the storm passes. Stay safe and make the best out of this. 📸 : @willradulascott .
The only rider finishing his run halfway the inrun. @miles_falcon rock2fakie
It’s weekend! Get yourself a beer, sit back and enjoy this 5 minute mega edit. 📹: @tschiphorst. Watch the full edit on Vimeo, link in bio.
@roopetonteri, late bs180
@rockarail regular and Dutch proud @kaslemmens, gap to back-lip
All the way from Japan, mister back-2-back-1620-triple @yukikadono made it to the final with some juicy transfer and gap combinations.
@simonhoulind slowly becoming a RAR veteran. Killing the A/frame last weekend.
@johnnyoconnor, all the wayyy from the USA.
15 years old and taking out RAR’19. Local girl @peperkampmelissa did it!
@jesseaugustinus and his creative rail transfer trickery gave him a second place. 🥈
Wildcards going W.I.L.D. 😳
@iamthommynator 🔃

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